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Ginevra de Benci
Leonardo da Vinci, 1474-1478, National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA
Book Pannel, "Annunciation", "Nativity", "Adoration of the Maggi"
Carolingian artist, 890, British Museum, London, UK
Book of Heures
Limburg Brothers, 1405-1409, The Cloisters Collection, New York, USA
Colophon of Book of Psalms
Theodore, 1066, British Museum, London, UK
Madonna with Child
Duccio Buoninsegna, Museum of Art, New York, USA
Lady with Ermine
Leonardo da Vinci,1483, Museum Czartoryskich, Krakow, Poland
Peter Paul Rubens, 1638-1640, Berlin-Dahlem Gemaeldgalerie, Germany
Woman at the Virginal
Johannes Vermeer, 1670, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, USA
A Lady Writing
Johannes Vermeer, 1665, Galery of Art, Washington, USA
Isabella of Requesens
Raphael Santi and Giulio Romano, 1517-1518, Louvre, Paris, France of
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